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Yes! This is our #1 FAQ about Stellar Barn Co.. Although our choices of construction products each contain their own warranty, we at Stellar Barn Co. are confident in our structure’s design and integrity, and are offering Limited Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty on all our sheds. This warranty would cover original owners or renters, and would not cover negligence, storm damage, reclaimed buildings, relocated buildings, or any kind of wear causing premature degradation. We believe if our buildings are maintained in a timely manner they can last a lifetime.

When signing a rental agreement for possession of your shed, you are agreeing to pay a predetermined monthly payment for a specific amount of time, and at the end of the duration the shed is yours. This saves you from having to make a loan, and tying up your hard-earned money to pay off debt. This contract is not a debt, but a rental agreement that can be paid off at any time, giving you more options and flexibility with your finances!
Your structure is built by hand in rural south-central North Carolina by local craftsmen.
Your shed is built by one carpenter, start to finish, then is moved to an experienced painter to be painted and sealed, and finally roofed by hand by a designated roofer.

Your barn has pressure-treated skids and floor joists to withstand moisture and humidity. The walls and roof system are built of premium European lumber, and sheathed with industry-leading LP Smartside products. The roof metal is sourced from a local manufacturing facility and applied to exceed wind rating requirements.

Your shed walls are built to the same standards as modern housing requirements. They are made of premium studs 16 inches on center, and secured to each floor and wall plate with 3 inch fasteners to meet wind shear standards. Our company is also one of the few to offer as standard a double top plate, which greatly adds to the structural integrity of the wall. Each rafter is secured to the top of the wall with a Simpson 6 inch hurricane screw for vertical lift and wind shear resistance. The walls are sheathed with LP Smartside siding panel.

Your shed floor is designed with your choice of 12 inch or 16 inch on center pressure-treated 2×6 floor joists, and sheeted with your choice of LP Prostruct 5/8 inch thick tongue and groove flooring, or the premium LP Legacy 3/4 inch thick tongue and groove flooring.

You can design your shed and order online, or use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer nearest you.  Come visit us to get more ideas!

Free delivery is always included for non-oversized sheds within a 50 mile radius of your nearest dealer.  All delivery costs are included in the sale for each order that is over-sized or outside the dealer’s region, so there will be no surprise fees when receiving your shed.  After purchasing the shed or signing the rental contract, a delivery team member will reach out to you once construction is complete, to fit the delivery of your new building into your schedule.  If you do not have blocking material available for the setup team, they can provide it for you for a fee.

If our FAQs About Stellar Barn Co. haven’t answered your questions or concerns we’d love to hear home you!

Made in Carolina

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